Northern light


Northern Light is a platform created by the State Street Technology Research Group. It is a fully functioning desktop application (mobile coming soon) that services internal and external State Street trading partners. This application has replaced over 30 applications and has streamlined workflows for teams company-wide.



Our goal was to create a solution for the company that would help solve several business use cases and to bring in more revenue by streamlining employee workflows.

Research and Wires

We conducted user research at several locations throughout the United States as well as Poland and India. From this, we established our key findings and created four pillars to base our work around. The four pillars are as follows; one application, multiple data lenses, everything in real-time, and contextual communication.

NL Copy 4.png


The design has gone through many different versions through testing. The current version is shown here. We are currently building out mobile and making updates daily.

Link to InVision Prototype

NL Copy 2.png
NL Copy 3.png


Northern Light is an ongoing project that we are strengthening day by day. We are working towards a goal of testing this with a real State Street client. It’s currently fully functioning on the State Street Cloud.