Weekend Links


1. Work/Life Balance - I have been loving all the life and relationship articles on Verily lately. This latest one on being overwhelmed and finding a balance really struck home. 

2. Running Inspiration - Yesterday, I had the immense pleasure of hearing one of my running idols give a talk at our local running shop. Kara is such an inspiration to so many runners out there. If you want to watch some great videos on her click here.

3. Gnocchi Recipe - Gnocchi is probably my favorite dish on the planet. I love the classic potato dish but sometimes it's fun to play around. I've made pumpkin gnocchi before and I can't wait to try this new take on the dish with ramps and ricotta!

4. Cotton Bureau - My gal pal has a fun design up on CB this week. You have 4 days left to get your hands on Katherine Rainey's cute Y'ALL t-shirt.

5. Holiday Tunes -  I have been trying desperately to get into the Christmas spirit. I will say it's harder then I thought with no snow on the ground and the temps in the mid 70s. Maybe I'm just home sick but I have been looping this playlist all week. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!