The dog that changed my life

Ever since I can remember I have been deathly afraid of dogs. My mom says it’s because I was knocked over by our cousins large dog when I was about three. The dog just wanted to play but I was too young to understand. Most of my childhood was spent running behind my mom or dad’s legs to hide from any dogs in sight. As I got older, I masked that fear by becoming a master of excuses. “No, I can’t spend the night because I have to blah blah blah,” really meant “No, I can’t spend the night because you have a dog and I’m scared shitless of them.” It wasn’t just a fear of large dogs, it was a fear of all dogs, even the small ones. People would tell me that their dog was small and that it wouldn’t hurt me. To them I said, WHATEVER. 

That all changed the day we got Izzy, our perfect golden retriever. Yes, we have had a couple of dogs growing up but none of them compare to her. Our first golden we gave back after a week because my mom realized that having children that were 2, 5 and 8 years old plus a new puppy was far too much to handle. When I was in middle school we had a pup called Lucy. She ate rat poison at our cabin and had to be put down around her first birthday. So you can see why I never really had an attachment to our dogs. Izzy was the cutest puppy I had ever seen. I was away at college for most of her puppy life. My brother and mom did an amazing job at training her while I was away. She was so loving and independent. Barking and jumping were things she did only when provoked. Dad and Izzy would do the funniest unconventional tricks. I know I’m not doing her justice but take my word for it, she was amazing. All of my fears went flying out the window when I was around her. It was amazing how quickly my fear faded.  Now, I truly love dogs! I will pet any cute dog in my reach. Once I find a house with a decent yard you better believe that my first purchase is going to be a dog. Sadly, today my family said goodbye to our most cherished pet ever, Izzy. We have loved her more then any of us thought possible. She has touched all of our lives in a different way and we will never forget her. 


Thank you Izzy. I love you!