TG: Denver, CO


I'm launching a new series of blog posts today all centered around travel! In regards to traveling, I have been pretty fortunate lately. Over Christmas, I bounced around between the Black Hills and all over the mountains in Colorado. I thought I would piece together a short travel guide for all the cities I visit. Over the next couple of months we are traveling a lot! Next up is Jackson Hole, WY!

I hate travel guides that list a million things to do. Who really has the time or money to do all of those things? Honestly, most of my traveling fits into an extended weekend, or just a normal weekend for that matter. That's why I'm going to do my best to only post things to do, see and eat for "one-day."

Now let's get to the good stuff. I'm starting this off with Denver, CO! This town has a special place in my heart. It's technically my hometown. I was born in Denver and growing up my family and I made frequent trips down to the mountains to ski, play soccer, and enjoy the art scene. The last couple of years I've noticed that Denver has done a great job of developing north of the river. That's where this travel guide is mainly going to take you. There is plenty to do in a day on that side of town. Below are my favorite places! They range from shopping, and ski gear to wood fired pizza in a shipping container and craft beers. If you ever make it out to Denver be sure to hit up some (or all) of these places. 


1. Terminal Bar - (pic #2) Located in the newly renovated Union Station, this is a great place to grab a drink and people watch as Amtrak arrivals pass through

2. Work & Class - (pic #3) great place for dinner and happy hour

3. Cart-Driver - (pic #4) wood fired pizza in a shipping container, this place is pretty cozy

4. Topo Designs - (pic #5/6) t their flagship location and pickup some of the best Colorado made packs, apparel, and accessories.

5. Crema Coffee - (pic #7) best coffee in the area (they even have Dogwood, my personal favorite)

6. The Populist - (pic #8) a favorite dinner spot centered around communal eating and phenomenal food, tip: don't pass on the list here

Not Pictured:

7. Our Mutual Friends Brewing - Great beer, need I say more?

8. Denver Art Museum - The largest museum in town.

9. Denver Botanic Gardens - A great place to soak up the Colorado sun.

10. Steadbrook - Curated menswear 

11. Jiberish - Curated ski and skate gear

12. Denver Beer Co. - They have a great patio and typically keep their large garage doors open. Tip: try the Graham Cracker Porter