Style Turmoil


Sad news: My super-cute apartment reeks terribly of smoke. It’s unlivable! I’ve tried to put up with it for as long as possible, because my lease isn't up until May 1, but I can no longer stand it. I started apartment hunting. Don't get me wrong, I really like my apartment. It's in a really cute, ivy-coated,1920s brownstone building with hardwood floors and original light fixtures. But sadly, for my health and comfort I need to move.

Since I started my new apartment search, I realized that I'm not happy with the current style of my place. I have a cute grey modern couch that will be the focal point of my new living room, but I'm not quite sure how to decorate. My style is all over the place. Above are a few shots that really inspire me. Right now I think my favorite is photo No. 3. Ugh, but then again image No. 2 looks so comfortable!

What style do you all like and what would you pair with a modern grey couch? I would love to know your thoughts and where you all search for interior design inspiration on a limited budget.