Everyone has their own style of running. Some work on speed, some crave long distances and some short. I would say my style is: run as slow as possible for as long as possible. I know that sounds weird but I would rather go slow and run 50 miles then run a sub 5min mile. Like I said, everyone has their own style. 

As you all know I'm training for a marathon in the fall. Naturally that's all that I have on my mind! Here's a little round up of my running essentials. I consider myself a pretty minimalist runner. Which means I rarely run with music and don't sport a lot of gear (my watch isn't even digital). Sure, when I need a pick me up for a run after work (I would much rather run in the morning) I'll throw some headphones on but I generally like to run without. It's my time to think and organize my life. So for being a minimalist runner here are my essentials from a hot afternoon run to cover ups after a 13+ miler. 

... and now I'm craving a run