Recent Work

A few weeks ago, the lovely ladies at The Own asked me to create a teeshirt design for them. They wanted a teeshirt to wear under a blazer to work, but also that their husbands and boyfriends would also wear on weekends too! The have a pretty traditional logo so it was definitely a challenge to keep the brand recognition and still capture the "worn-in" look. Here are some of the concepts we played around with but ultimately decided not to go with. I'll share the final teeshirt design with you all soon!

It's always fun to work on projects that push me out of my comfort zone, not to mention for forward thinking female run companies. The Own is a female run company based out of Rapid City, SD. It's a network of small business owners who just happen to be female. The company was created to make women's lives just a little bit easier. The offer many different services. If you live in the Black Hills you should check them out!