Reality Check


Over the past two weeks I have gone through a lot of trials and tribulations. I can honestly say I have learned so much about life this month. Turning 26 was just minor details in my life because there were more pressing matters at hand during my birthday. I know to some this is just another 20-somethings rant about how hard life is because in reality I have been given so many things to be thankful for.

As you all know at the beginning of the month I was going to run the Crazy Horse Marathon out in the Black Hills. I trained all summer and only had one thing on my mind, RUNNING. Sadly, one of the biggest snow storms ever (for this time of year) hit the midwest on race weekend. Luckily, I beat the storm to the hills. We were snowed in with about 5-4 ft of snow at our house. Many friends were without power for days! Record numbers of livestock were killed and trees had fallen all over town. I was very thankful I was home to help my Mom dig out (we shoveled for like 5 hours and I have the blisters on my hands to prove it.) Needless to say they canceled the race. A lot of people, myself included, were devastated. I know the race directors had a tough call to make. I believe they made the right decision to keep everyone safe.

The second life changing event happened last week. I was in a terrible car accident that left both my vehicle and the other drivers totaled. Luckily, we all walked away with minor bumps and bruises. It was a pretty traumatic experience. I really lost it when I saw a young girl of about 3 get out of the other vehicle. If we weren't wearing seat-belts we would probably all be dead. For the past week I have done nothing be on the phone with insurance companies, the police, and collision repair centers. Whoa, welcome to adulthood Jessie. I've really learned the value of keeping my calm to achieve the right outcome. On a lighter note, I bought a NEW car!!! Yesterday I picked up my brand new (it had 4 miles on it) Subara XT Crosstrek. I had my heart set on a Outback but the new ones are waaaay to big. I don't even have a boyfriend to haul around let alone some henchmen (aka children). The Outback just seemed like a waste of space for me. I'm super pumped and hope this car is a classic Subaru love story, lasting over 200,000 miles and 15+ years. I just need to get my ski rack mounted and buy a golden retriever to hang out in the back because that's what all Subaru owners do, right?

Throughout the last couple weeks I have hit some major highs and lows. What I'm taking away from these experiences is that, you need to work as hard you possibly can and accept the fact that nothing goes according to plan but at least you gave it your all. Stand tall and be proud of who you are and what you're working for. Training for a marathon has given me the mental ability to endure and the accident taught me to appreciate everything I have and the loved ones around me.

This post is a little out of the norm for my blog but this month has been life changing and I wanted to share. : )