Project Launch: Whiteclay Awareness


I had tons of fun and learned a lot designing the logo for the non-profit organization Whiteclay Awareness. Most people are unaware of what is happening in Whiteclay, Nebraska. This organizaion is tryin to assist Native Americans on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in their efforts to deal with the problems caused by the abuse of alcohol on their reservation.

Whiteclay, Nebraska is a small town of fourteen people along the South Dakota border in North West Nebraska. This town of 14 people has no fire stations, no police stations, but it still has four liquor stores. The consumers of this beer obviously do not live in Whiteclay, but instead commute across the border from the Pine Ridge Native American Reservation. Sale and possession of alcoholic beverages on the Pine Ridge is prohibited under tribal law. Except for a brief experiment with on-reservation liquor sales in the early 1970s, this prohibition has been in effect since the reservation lands were created. Whiteclay has four off-sale beer stores licensed by the State of Nebraska which sell the equivalent of 4.5 million 12-ounce cans of beer annually (12,500 cans per day), mostly to the Oglalas living on the Pine Ridge.

To learn more and read their letter to Anheuser-Busch threatening a boycott visit their Facebook here.