Lunch Break Runs

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Finding time for a quality workout isn't always easy. In the winter, it really gets tricky with the lack of daylight. Every once and awhile I will take my lunch break and go for a run. It might seem like there isn't enough time to take a quality run in one hour but I have found ways to make it work. Below are some tips and tricks I have learned while going for lunch time runs. How do you workout during the day? I would love to hear about your workday workout routines.

1. Always pack a bag the night before! This is crucial for your sanity in the morning. 

2. Since you're going to be missing your normal lunch hour, make sure to bring a quick and healthy bite to eat before or after your run. I love Daily Greens. They are so refreshing and help to keep me hydrated and refreshed after workouts.

3. It's hard to change in a locker room (if you are lucky enough to have one at work) or bathroom. I try to wear sports bras that don't scream, "OMG is she wearing a sports bra at work?" on lunch run days. It saves a lot of time when changing and you never run into the problem of forgetting a bra. I sweat a lot so I always pack an extra one to change into after the run. This Outdoor Voices bra will keep you feeling sporty and looks nice under your work clothes.

4. Hair ties are a must! If you are like me, I lose them all the time. With these cute ties you won't feel weird leaving them on your wrist during work. 

5. I won't leave the house without these wipes. These are the next best thing to a shower. Since my office doesn't have a gym, let alone showers, I use these wipes after a run. You never want to gross your coworkers out with a stench. Pro tips: throw a pack in your car!

6. Shoes, shoes, shoes! You obviously can't go for a run without these things. I try to make sure my shoes are the first thing I put in my bag the night before. There have been one too many times I've tried to do a lunch run or even a run after work and discovered I forgot my shoes! 

7. Plan your route. I like to use Strava but there are many map apps out there. Be sure to plan your route ahead of time so you don't get lost and you know how many miles you are logging.