Last night I made squash carbonara when I really should have been at the gym. I loved this dish because the focus was on the simple ingredients. As an avid runner my style of eating is focused primarily on simple healthy dishes. Which brings me to my next point. My training lately has been so lackluster. This weekend, when I was attempting to relax, I read The Weekend Workaholic Detox piece in Volume No. 9 of Kinfolk. There were 7 little steps to help you detox and actually relax to enjoy your weekend. I'm beyond guilty of being a weekend workaholic. It all stems from when I was really unhappy with my day job and was working on a ton of freelance projects. Now, I love my job but have just become overwhelmed with marathon training, a boyfriend, blogging, and small freelance projects here and there. Tonight I was planning on going for a run at the gym but decided against in. Step No.3 in the detox piece was, "RELAX, OR AT LEAST TRY TO" and that's what I decided to do tonight. I absolutely love cooking and I haven't been doing a lot of it lately because I'm just too busy. That breaks my heart! So tonight I decided to just skip the gym and cook. For my mental wellbeing I need to do things like this more often.

Do you have any tips or tricks for slowing down and enjoying life a little more? My goal is to start cooking more and learn to enjoy a simple weekend that isn't jam-packed with events.