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What do you read for inspiration? Yes, I know everyone has their favorite "go-to" blogs that they read for inspiration. Sometimes for me I just need to turn a real page. There's something comforting about the touch and smell of a real book.

Mike Perry is one of my favorite artists. I own all of his books. Whenever I need to feel inspired I thumb through his books. He's wonderful at showcasing many talented artists in each of his books. As for magazines, I only have two subscriptions. I don't normally like to spend money on magazines but Runners World and HOW are the only two that I felt were worth the money. HOW keeps me up to date on things in the design world and Runners World keeps me inspired to run! Aside from deisgn and fitness inspiration I try to read at least one nonfiction book at all times. It's a nice break from "real life" and helps me unwind at nights. Currently I'm deep into the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Everyone finds inspiration in different places. I would love to know what you read to stay inspired.