Inspired by him, designed just for HER

The beautiful Lake Merced arrived at my doorstep a few days ago and I have been in love ever since. I have had a major brand crush on Tradlands for a long time. Their brand concept is something I have been yearning for. However, with hot summers here down in Austin I just haven't been able to justify buying a long sleeve plaid shirt. That changed when Tradlands released this summer-weight button-up. The shirt is super light weight and fits like a gem. 

Sadie and Jeremy started Tradlands in early 2012. Their story was really inspired by what wasn’t there. Time and time again, Sadie wanted the styles and textiles seen in menswear and decided to take matters into her own hands. Their intention is to make the best clothing for their customers, the woman who drifts towards the men’s section and thinks, "I wish they made this for me." They created menswear inspired staples for women with a relentless emphasis on fit, details, and quality. All of their products are guaranteed to last and made to be lived in. Their clothes are the kind a mother can pass down to her daughter … or that her daughter will borrow from her closet. For the world traveler or the green thumb or girl-about-town, they empower their customers with products that are both classic and comfortable. They are committed to designing and constructing items you love today and value for years to come.

Thanks for making such great clothes and I can't wait to start living in my Lake Merced shirt!