House Hunting

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I can't believe I've lived in Austin for almost a year! Which means, let the house hunting (and roommate search) begin! I was hoping to be ready to purchase a house at this time last year. Alas, I haven't really been saving. I've been working hard at paying off my student loans, eating lots of breakfast tacos, and exploring the city. Some of that money probably should have gone to a downpayment but I don't have any regrets. It was nice to get to know Austin without having the looming fear of saving a massive amount of money. That mentality ends right now though! 

That said, I'm still house hunting! I want to get out of the apartment life so badly. It's hard to make a home in a massive complex. Currently, I have a tiny one bedroom apartment (550 sq ft to be exact). It was a great first home for my new life in Austin but with working from home the space doesn't tend much room for creativity. If you haven't heard, Austin is growing by leaps and bounds. That means the housing market is pricey and makes it difficult to come by well kept homes and apartments.

Honestly, I'm probably a little picky compared to the average renter. I know that hinders my options but I'm not ready to compromise the conditions of my living space. As you can see above, I'm on the hunt for a really modern, open, and bright space. All of which my current apartment has. I've gone to a few showings but every place is pretty run down. Even some of the new modern homes are pretty beat up. It blows my mind how dirty and destructive tenants can be.

I have a few days to lock down a new place or just renew the lease at my current location. Wish me luck! This whole process can be a bit stressful. Also, if anyone wants/is looking for a roommate in Austin hit me up! The 2-3 bedroom houses are a lot easier to come by. Shoot me an email if you want to be roomies!