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She's back...

The wonderful Alyssa from Glam & Fashionable is back this week with some fashion tips!

Wristlet lovin’ Arm Candy has always been a huge statement of mine. I believe you should never leave the house without your staple pieces. For me that is my watch, ring (if my nails are perfectly manicured) and a few gold and silver pieces for the everyday hustle and bustle. When I’m not working at a desk I always load up on all the fabulous. I love when my wrists are clinking with joy from all the weight I pile on. To me the more the merrier! It’s a way to express yourself and stand out from the crowds. I’m always on the hunt for the most unique, gaudy, loud and oversized pieces. If you aren’t much of a bangle or big gaudy wristlet fan start with your watch and layer delicates around. You don’t have to overdo it by layering circle after circle on. How do you express yourself?