Getting Personal


As you have probably noticed by now I have backed off a little on my blogging. I use to post around 3-5 posts a week. That was all fine and dandy when I had an unchallenging day job. Now I'm loving my day job and my life in this new town. I think the reason I am so happy is because I have only been blogging when I truly have time. It's hard to find the right balance in life with all things. I use to really struggle with finding a balance between blogging, work and freelance projects (having a social life was out of the question). Now I blog solely for fun and inspiration. I love my job and I'm only taking on one freelance project at a time. So far this system seems to be working so much better for me. I actually have some free time to hang out with friends and do new things. Everyone has their own style that works but it does take some time to explore which process works best for you. Don't be afraid to switch it up to see what works and what doesn't.  So that was my two sense on finding a balance in the blogging world.