Dagny Scout

I recently wrapped up a super fun freelance project. Golf is very near and dear to my heart since my father has worked in the golf industry my entire life. I grew up golfing almost everyday. The smell of fresh cut grass and the sound of mowers on the green warms my heart. That's why I was super excited when Lauren asked me to help design the identity for her new women's golf apparel line.

Dagny Scout aims to defy convention, creating golf apparel that takes its cue from the latest in contemporary womenswear rather than traditional American sportswear. Golf being one of the most classic sports, I knew I wanted to keep the logo simple but strong. Since this is a new and fashion-forward brand I also wanted to make sure it wasn't dated and stuffy like most of the golf apparel you see out on the links today. 

Visit the website to stay up to date with all the Dagny Scout happenings. I for one cannot wait for the new line to launch! 

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