Creative Process

Last week Vanessa tagged me to share a little about my creative process. It was great to look at my process and work in a reflective manner. It’s hard to juggle a weekday design job (that spews into weekends) and freelance but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Next I’m tagging lifestyle blogger Jamy of Fourth Street and designer Kady Roy, can’t wait to read their answers. Here are mine below:

What Are You Working On?
Right now at work, I am wrapping up a design pitch with a co-worker. Hopefully the project will grow and we can start building out the app in a month or so. I am also starting to do research for a new app that we will design later this month. Outside of my day job, I’m working on a few freelance branding projects. It’s great to have an outlet from mobile design. 


How Does Your Work Differ From Others Of Its Genre?
As a female blogger I think it’s easy to get sucked into the same style as all the other awesome ladies out there. I think my work differs because I find a lot inspiration in more masculine design. I also try to focus on typography and color as focal point in most of my projects. It’s easy to get sucked into design trends. A few months ago when hand lettering was booming I kept trying to make the style work into my designs. I finally admitted to myself that it just wasn’t my style. That’s the beauty of trying new things and staying true to yourself as a designer and I think that’s what differentiates me in the genre. 


Why Do You Design/Create What You Do?
There a plenty of reasons why I design. It pays the bills, I have a degree in graphic design, and it’s a way to combine art into my daily life. Above all, I think it’s because of that feeling you get when you make a breakthrough in a project or when you’re in the zone and spend hours on designing. Those are the moments when I look up from my computer and say, “Damn, I love design.”


How Does Your Design Process Work?
As a designer with a daytime design job and a freelance business on the side, I sort of have two design processes that cross pollinate with each other. My process at work has been in this order: research, wireframes, playback to stakeholders, design, and then work with our dev team to make the apps a reality. As for freelancing, it’s going to sound pretty similar to everyone else out there. I start with a detail questionnaire and once the timelines and budgets have been approved I move into designing a moodboard to make sure the client and I have the same mind set. Then I move into an all black and white design phase. Once it’s heading in a strong direction I start building the project out and adding color. 

One of the best parts of being a designer is the ability to work from anywhere (as long as there’s wifi and electricity). Even at my day job, we get to work remotely on the Fridays. When I’m not at a coffee shop working I’m usually floating around the house. It’s hard for me to stay creative in one setting. As you can tell from the photos above, I'm not one for a desk. My two favorite spots at home are my “princess” chair and couch. I have little pieces of design/life inspiration all over my house and that also help trigger creativity, hence the Springsteen and Runner's World. 

Thanks for tagging me Vanessa