Catching Up

It's been awhile since I've posted a Life As Of Late post. The past couple of months have been amazing! Work hard, play hard was defiantly a recurring theme. First off, my amazing boyfriend and I took a ski trip to our favorite town in Wyoming. The snow was pretty bad but the food and hospitality were off the charts. It was our first real "couple" trip. Sounds crazy but it was perfect. We can't wait to get back there this summer!

A few weeks later was the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon. Steve ran his first half and I ran the half as well. Over 15,000 people ran the race. The course was a bit hilly (I didn't look at the route until the week of, oops) but we both had a blast. If you are on the internet, you know that SXSW wrapped up a few weeks ago. I had the pleasure of attending the interactive portion and also went to a few designer meetups. Dropbox sure know how to throw a party. Also, Creative Market's Lettering and Lattes couldn't have been on a more lovely morning. I think I have finally recovered from all of the walking and talking. I hate to say it but I'm glad Austin is back to normal without all of the SXSW crazy.

Last week I did a lot of eating out. Yes, I know I do this a lot but I have had tons to celebrate. First off, I got a promotion at work! It's great to know that my hard work is being noticed and I can't wait to take on more responsibility. Second, we had a last minute important presentation due at work. We knocked it out of the park and I'm so proud of all my co-workers and their hard work. It's great to see our lab growing into it's own. (p.s. we are hiring product managers, designers, and devs - email if you want to apply or have questions)

Finally, spring has arrived in Texas! I spent most of Friday soaking up the sun by the pool! The water still feels like ice but it was nice to dip a toe in. I forgot how much fun reading and relaxing by the pool can be. On Sunday, we drove out of the city to walk around the Wildflower Center and to take a look at the bluebonnets before they go out of season. It was so relaxing and a perfect end to a lovely weekend. 

I hope life for all of you has been well! I know there are up's and down's but just remember to take the good with the bad.