Product Review - MOO Gold Foil

I haven't made new business cards for myself in such a long time. I recently noticed that MOO was now doing gold foil printing. I'm a sucker for letterpress and gold foil but have been on a tight budget the last couple of months due to ski trips and moving into a new home. I was curious to see the quality for myself, and as a potential option for clients on a budget.

As few thoughts on the printing: Overall, I was happy with the quality of the cards. They feel smooth like the typical MOO Luxe card and are just as thick. The gold is a nice touch but I wouldn't necessarily call it gold foil since it's raised instead of imprinted into the paper. It almost has a translucent plastic feel. The print quality almost reminds me of thermography printing. 

With all of that said I paid around $60 for fifty 50 cards. That's a pretty sweet deal for a print method that is unique compared to digital. All in all, I will start offering this print method to clients who are looking to stand out without going past their budget!