New Work


I wanted to share a recent branding project for a golf course designer. The client is very dear to my heart because it's my father! As some of you know, my father has spent a lot of time working on various courses in China. His need for a website in English hasn't been high on his priority list. Now that he is back in the US for awhile we decided it was time to finally take the leap and collaborate on branding and a website. 

Many of you designers know, working on projects with friends and family can be a challenge. This isn't the first time he has come to me asking for branding. We have been going back and fourth on this subject for probably the past 5 years. We started this project with the "I needed it yesterday" mentality. Working under some tight time constraints we were able to smooth out a design that we are both happy with. 

He wanted the main logo to be just his name, since he works on designing and construction project management. The mark needed to translate to other industries aside from golf. However, the golf course industry is his main focus so I built out the secondary marks to reflect that. In the secondary marks there are a few illustrations I pulled from maps my father drew back in the mid 90's. It's so crazy to think he use to draw all of his maps by hand. 

As for color and typography, I wanted to play on the classic and manly feel of this old sport. My dad's design style is very natural. When designing courses his main focus is the land. He works closely with the natural lay of the land and native grasses. The tan and green colors help to express that natural feel.

At the end of the day, we wanted the brand to reflect the deep roots of golf and our shared love of the sport. Despite the fast turnaround, I had a blast working on this project!