Happy Friday! - Moodboard

Happy Friday! What does everyone have planned for this weekend? I'm hoping to get in a few hard workouts, take a nap or two, and attend a few smaller events on Sunday. Before I step out for the weekend I wanted to share a fun moodboard from my most recent collaboration with Jamie (Spruce Rd.). I am having such a wonderful time collaborating with her. Yesterday we were finally able to meet in real life for lunch. It's so great only being a few towns away. Now I have an excuse to make a trip down to San Antonio! 

We are having so much fun with this brand! It's for a company that makes cute children's bows. They want the new brand to appeal to stylish mothers who range from their mid 20’s-30’s. Their target audience is a trendy and stylish mom who shops at Madewell, Gap Kids, and Zara. For the colors, we want the palette to be is friendly but still bold. Their logo and design elements need to work well with photography since their website will be heavy with product photography. Overall, the brand identity will reflect a stylish but youthful company that trendy stylish mothers will love!

We can't wait to share the final designs!