Grandma's Marathon (half) Recap

A little over 2 weeks ago I made it out to the great state of Minnesota for some running and to spend quality time with a friend. Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth is one of my favorite races of all time! It was my mothers first marathon about 30 years ago. Growing up I heard stories about running Grandma’s up in Duluth. Last year, I was fortunate enough to create my own Grandma’s Marathon memories. It was one of my favorite life moments see my mom waiting for me at the finish line. That’s why this race is so special to me.

This year was just as special but for different reasons. My great friend Kylie and I decided to run the half-marathon this year. We were a few month too late to sign up for the general entry because the race is capped at 6,700 runners. So we raised some money and ran for the Every Mother Counts charity. In keeping with our procrastinating style of the impromptu race, we ended up staying in Wisconsin for a night. You can see from the picture below that we rented a dorm room in Superior, WI. It was hilarious! We felt like we were back in college. Kylie and I use to joke about how we would have had so much fun being roommates! It’s almost as if we were able to get a taste of what it would have been like to attend college together. Truthfully, the dorm room was perfect since we only stayed one night.

We boarded the buses to the starting line at 4:45am. Despite the early morning we had a ton of energy and were super excited for the race. At 6:15am the half-marathon began… along with the rain. It rained almost the entire race. I think that was the first race I have ever done totally in the rain. I made a few mistake, like running in a cotton hat. At mile 10 I pulled off my hat and noticed the rain had made it feel like 20lbs. With the rain and my lack of training it was my worst half-marathon time ever. Despite the circumstances I still managed to have a blast!

After the race and a little recovery nap. We said goodbye to the dorms and headed back to Minneapolis. While moving at a pretty slow pace, Kylie and I hopped from one favorite spot to another. The weather in Minneapolis was fantastic. It was almost 90 with the sun blazing down. Which was a much welcomed change from the 60 degrees and pouring rain up north. We stopped by Dogwood Coffee and Forage Modern Workshop. Good thing I only brought a carry-on or else I would have left the store with just about everything. Finally, we headed to Bauhaus Brew Labs for our first celebratory beer of the day. It was so great just chatting and basking in the sun. For dinner we had a few dishes at the new Spoon & Stable. Half of the fun about visiting MN is checking out all the new shops and restaurants that have popped up since I moved.

The next morning was a travel day for me so we had a lovely brunch and walked though the Minneapolis Institute of Art (The Walker was closed due to Rock The Garden). All in all it was such a lovely weekend! I am so thankful for being able to spend that time with such a great human and friend. With all of the fun things that we did, my favorite part was just having great conversations about life. I feel pretty lucky to have such an awesome lady like Kylie in my life.