I'm so happy to finally feature Alyssa, from the blog Glam & Fashionable, as my first guest blogger. I have known Alyssa almost my entire life! That seems so crazy to say. Aside from being a wonderful friend, she has an amazing eye for fashion and is ridiculously fit! Her motivation to stay on trend and healthy blows my mind. Which is why I knew I wanted to collaborate with her a long time ago. Well, the day has finally come! This week she is sharing some of her awesome beet smoothie recipes. I had number 2 for breakfast yesterday and it was delicious! Stay tuned for more awesome posts to come from Alyssa and be sure to stop by her blog - Glam & Fashionable. alyssa

Beets are a delicious and nutritious powerhouse. Not only are they a gorgeous deep red but they have so many amazing health benefits! Personally, I've been on a huge beet craz, I just cannot get enough of them. They are a wonderful source of iron, immunity booster and even work as a guard against cancer. There are so many ways to eat them... as a snack, raw, steamed, pureed, salad accessory, in smoothies, soup, and/or as a touch of pink juice.

1. Lower Blood Pressure: a glass of beet juice daily has been proven through study that is more effective of lowering high blood pressure than medicine. WOW

2. Increase Exercise Endurance: The beets improved people's ability to exercise for 16% longer than without it. Hello caffeine and energy substitute. I'm on board for this one!

3. Anti-Inflammatory: raw beets or raw beet juice contains betaine, a natural anti-inflammatory that helps protect against aging and disease. We all want to look younger and more beautiful as time goes on... beets are the trick!

4. Anti-Cancer: beets contain phytonutrient and proanthocyanidin. These give beets its rich purple color and acts as an anti-cancer compound. The fiber found in the beets also helps protect against cancer.

5. Immunity Boost: high in vitamin C baby!

6. Rich in Essential Minerals: beets are high in minerals such as manganese and potassium. Maganese is required for healthy bones, liver, kidney and pancreas. Potassium helps ensure nerve and muscle function.

My favorites at the moment are beet smoothies and juices. They are perfect for that New Year cleanse and extremely nutritious.

Shown above are a few to get you started on the beet tradition!!

Don't forget you can mix them all in a blender too!! You don't need a juicer. The blender will just give you a little more of the puree. Chop the vegetables and fruit up and drink up. You will feel an instant rush of energy!!

And the best part... it's perfect tradition to get in gear for Valentine's Day!! I mean who doesn't want to drink a pretty red health detoxer before all the love hits air?!