Bedroom Makeover

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I usually don’t post a lot about interior design but I’m pretty happy with how my little room makeover went. I posted a little preview last week on Instagram. As most of you know, I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment. It has taken me awhile to get settled and start designing each room. A month or two ago, I bought a new bed which really inspired me to take charge and put effort into designing my bedroom

For my bedroom, I wanted to keep the style very crisp and simple with a touch of the modern western vibe. Due to a summer full of weddings and an upcoming trip to Jackson Hole, I was working with a pretty tight budget. I love Amber Lewis' style and have been finding a lot of inspiration from her Instagram (follow her if you don’t already). Her pillows and rugs are amazing! When the time comes to actually buy a home, a rug from her shop will be my first purchase

However, since I was working with a budget I wanted to re-use some pieces. I just sprinkled in a few new pieces to give the room a new look and feel. The night stand and globe were hand-me-downs from my parents. The chair was purchased a few years ago in Minneapolis. The store has totally escaped me! Other then that, all of the items are listed above. I had a blast searching for inspiration and pouring over the internet to find the right pieces to pull the room together!

What are your favorite places to look for interior design inspiration? Pinterest can get pretty saturated and redundant in my opinion. I’ve been look at a lot of Instagram feeds from interior designers. My living room needs a little more love. So I am slowly on the hunt for a few things like a rug, floor plants, and possibly a new couch! I will probably be moving around March/April so I’m not going to make any large changes to the living room until then. I would love to know where you all find inspiration!