Ann Lowe Design

Ann Lowe Edgerton is an interior decorator and stylist based out of Austin, Texas. I stumbled upon Ann's work the other day while reading an Eater article about a new restaurant that opened up this week in Austin. It took me a minute to realize that I have already experienced Ann’s work first hand. She was the mastermind behind the interior design at Contigo. Which is one of the best restaurants in my neighborhood, not to mention it's walking distance from my front door. Just from the few times I’ve been to Contigo, I can tell she has a great eye for natural and earthy beauty. She has that elegant minimalism vibe refined and gives off a very airy Texas bohemian feel. Needless to say, I love her work!

While scouring her website I quickly developed a new design crush. The fact that she is local makes me even more of a fan-girl. I just passed my 6 month mark living in Texas and can feel some of my interior design tendencies being influenced. It's a little too warm year round to keep living my Minnesota bundled-up lifestyle. While my house still looks like a cozy nook, it doesn’t feel quite right given its new ecosystem. The weather is for sure cooling down in Austin. I can finally open my living rooms doors and let the falls breeze trickle in. At this time last year I think I was probably shoveling show off my car. 

Seeing all of Ann’s work has given me new and fresh inspiration. Her interior style seems to be right up my alley, not to mention her styling skills are impeccable. This week I'm finally checking out Gardner, the restaurant I was talking about earlier and cannot wait to see more of Ann's work in real life. To see more of her work visit her website.