Hello Weekend


Yes, the weekend is finally here! I have had a really rough couple weeks. Last weekend was super depressing since my marathon, which I had trained super hard for was canceled due to crazy weather in the Black Hills. Then, on Tuesday I was in a really bad car accident. Luckily everyone was ok but I'm pretty sure my car is totaled. Dealing with insurance companies is soooo stressful. However, I'm making up for it this weekend! I get to spend the whole weekend hanging out with my bestie. Pardon the sappy personal post but I'm sooooo excited to have a carefree weekend with this girl.

This is one of my favorite photos of us. Not at all perfect but totally shows the real us. Believe it or not this photo was taken 7 years ago, on one of our Chicago trips. This weekend we'll do everything from sip brews at our favorite breweries, stuff our faces with foie gras tortellini and partake in the zombie apocalypse. Cheers to the weekend kids!

What do you cooked up for your weekend?