I know I always harp on the fact that I am insanely busy. Truth be told, I stay busy so I can have fun weekends like the last one. The weekend got off to a rough start, due to the blizzard that hit the twin cities. My normal 3.5 hour drive took me over 5.5 hours. I eventually made it! My best friend and I went straight to our favorite brewery. Day drinking and listening to all of her hilarious puns was a perfect way to detox from the drive. Throughout the weekend we managed to hit up all of our favorite spots and even take in a few shows. We saw our favorite comedian, Mike Birbiglia, at Pantages. Then we spent Sunday night at the Turf Club soaking in the amazing band that is San Fermin. Their live performance was even better then I could have imagined.


So even thought I'm a borderline workaholic, weekends like the last make everything worth it.