Product Review - MOO Gold Foil

I haven't made new business cards for myself in such a long time. I recently noticed that MOO was now doing gold foil printing. I'm a sucker for letterpress and gold foil but have been on a tight budget the last couple of months due to ski trips and moving into a new home. I was curious to see the quality for myself, and as a potential option for clients on a budget.

As few thoughts on the printing: Overall, I was happy with the quality of the cards. They feel smooth like the typical MOO Luxe card and are just as thick. The gold is a nice touch but I wouldn't necessarily call it gold foil since it's raised instead of imprinted into the paper. It almost has a translucent plastic feel. The print quality almost reminds me of thermography printing. 

With all of that said I paid around $60 for fifty 50 cards. That's a pretty sweet deal for a print method that is unique compared to digital. All in all, I will start offering this print method to clients who are looking to stand out without going past their budget!

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone! What are your plans for the weekend? We have a lot of dinner outings with friends this weekend. I'm hoping we can sneak in some good workouts, see The Revenant, and cook a healthy meal! However, even more exciting, Steve and I are going to check out a few homes this weekend! I'm so excited for us! We want to find a home that we both love. We have around a month or so to find the right place!

Since it's Friday and I haven't shared a playlist in a LONG time, I wanted to share my Best of 2015 playlist. I finally finished compiling my favorite songs from the past year. Yes, there are some guilty pleasures on there as well as some new all time favorites. Click here to listen on Spotify.

Have a wonderful weekend!


New Year, New Goals

Self Confidence
I noticed a negative trend in myself the past year. I seem to have lost some of my self-confidence that I once cherished so deeply. Over the past couple of months, I have noticed how heavily I 've been comparing myself with others and letting the differences get to me. I was judging myself heavily against others. From viewing other designers killer work, outfits that were better than mine, to seeing pics of my boyfriends ex, were just little things that would really get in my head. Those little things would ruin a whole day. I asked myself, “Where is the strong confident girl I once was?" The biggest thing I am going to work on this year is being true to myself! I want to speak my mind more, care less about what others think, and do what makes me happy! I think I need to spend less time on the internet and more time outside, doing the things I love!

Save Money
This might seem redundant from last year but I am going to keep this as a goal until I am debt free. While I did make great headway on my loans this past year, I am still not where I want to be. I need to remind myself to purchase with more intention. My sister sent me a nice life hack for finding out what clothes you should get rid of. Check it out here. I think I’m going to try this in my closet.

Make More Things
I use to make things all the time! Why did I stop? I think this will really help my wellbeing to create more things! I don’t mean just DIY stuff. I want to get back to making my sketchbook collages I was so fond of in college. Plus, it’s time to use those empty canvas I have sitting in storage and make some paintings! I think this will really aid my happiness!

Fall Back In Love With Running
Finally, I want to fall back in love with running! I realized that I didn’t run a single marathon in 2015. I know that sounds weird but I like to run one marathon a year and 3-4 half-marathons. Everyone is different with running. It’s hard to find the right running schedule that is just right for you. I have learned that I am a much more consistent runner if I have signed up for a race. I need a real goal to work towards. So that said, my first half of the year is in two weeks! I am actually excited for the race, so that must best a good sign!

Well, those are my goals/things to work on for 2016! Let’s hope I stick to it. I think my goals are pretty reasonable so I should have no excuses. What are your goals for the new year? Do you even set goals or resolutions? I would love to hear what y’all do!

Happy New Year!


New Work - Wedding Invitations

I finally wrapped up and shipped out my most recent Wedding Invitation suite to an amazing client! I love how everything came together. She made her Save The Date through Minted and wanted to keep the style similar but with a most custom look and feel for the actual Wedding Invitations. It's going to be a formal, classic, and fun affair. She didn't want the invitations to be too stuffy because the reception will be a great party! It was a challenge to design something that translated to both aesthetic. 

From the timeline iconography to the sealing XOXO stickers each piece is bold and playful together or on their own. As brides find out the hard way, it takes a long time to assemble invitations. We wanted to keep that process as simple as possible. Each card is layered over the next and tied together with a simple black ribbon. To seal the envelope, we even did custom stickers! 

It's wonderful taking a step away from my typical branding clients and my daily UI/UX work. Sometimes it's great to work on real print pieces. I can't wait for the client to send them out to her guests!!


Happy Friday! - Moodboard

Happy Friday! What does everyone have planned for this weekend? I'm hoping to get in a few hard workouts, take a nap or two, and attend a few smaller events on Sunday. Before I step out for the weekend I wanted to share a fun moodboard from my most recent collaboration with Jamie (Spruce Rd.). I am having such a wonderful time collaborating with her. Yesterday we were finally able to meet in real life for lunch. It's so great only being a few towns away. Now I have an excuse to make a trip down to San Antonio! 

We are having so much fun with this brand! It's for a company that makes cute children's bows. They want the new brand to appeal to stylish mothers who range from their mid 20’s-30’s. Their target audience is a trendy and stylish mom who shops at Madewell, Gap Kids, and Zara. For the colors, we want the palette to be is friendly but still bold. Their logo and design elements need to work well with photography since their website will be heavy with product photography. Overall, the brand identity will reflect a stylish but youthful company that trendy stylish mothers will love!

We can't wait to share the final designs!